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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does The Palm Rest provide ergonomic relief while driving?
A. Yes. We had The Palm Rest tested by an independent ergonomics company and the results showed an average decrease in muscle effort of 47%, with a maximum decrease of 76%. The Palm Rest is designed to support your palms and keep your wrist in a neutral position.

Q. Does The Palm Rest fit on all cars and is it easy to install?
A.  The Palm Rest is designed to fit on all cars. The clam shell design of The Palm Rest allows it to separate slightly at the seams to accomodate thicker steering wheels. It comes fully assembled and ready to attach.

Q. Is it easy to drive with The Palm Rest?
A. Yes. The contoured design of The Palm Rest fits inside the steering wheel and allows you to drive without getting in your way.After a few days you will feel like it has always been in your car.

Q. What material is it made from?
A. The Palm Rest is made of Nylon Plastic for quality,  strength, and durability and has a Velcro strap and rubber insert to absorb vibrations.


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